AIR FRESHENER of "Chirton Light Air" series


Expansion of the favourite range

The main peculiarity of this series is “dry” spraying, the presence of essential oils in the composition and a convenient shaped bottle that will fit into any interior.

Air freshener is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors and to aromatize air in residential and non-residential premises. A wide range of flavors will allow everyone to find their own unique rich flavor to suit any taste.

It does not contain water, and due to this it features “dry” spray, which leaves only smell in the air and no water splashes. It does not leave marks in case of contact with walls and interior design items. It has a rich and lasting pleasant aroma that will fill your home with freshness and comfort for a long time.


Rio Royal fresh


(general purpose replaceable balloon for automatic air freshener).




A new series of high-quality air fresheners, which quickly and easily neutralize odors and fill the room with rich aromas in every corner of your home. The "dry spraying" formula makes the usage convenient and pleasant - does not leave marks on surfaces. Designed for use as a replacement balloon in automatic air fresheners of the appropriate design. Suitable for all types of automatic sprayers.